Microfiber vs Cotton

The characteristics of the MICROFIBER used the towels Crazy Towel compared to a conventional towel first, is the volume of the garment, the space occupied by a sports towel Crazy Towel is up to 3 times less than a traditional towel, which does not affect the functionality of the towel but it is a crucial aspect when making our suitcase, backpack, sports bag,etc…

Also the weight is reduced compared to normal towels. The main secret of such composition is towels, sports towels are made with 100 times thinner than a human hair fibers, this is about 3 times less than cotton fibers with conventional towels that are manufactured.

Combine the two polymers acting as central polyamide microfiber (skeleton) and standing around this polyester fibers which makes its power of absorption is much higher than traditional fibers.

The fiber has a star shape and all interlocking fibers result in a fabric with many tiny spaces between them. The key is the capillarity, Microfiber appears with a star looks leaving many grooves and recesses between them, the water adheres to the look of the fibers going to fill those holes between them, but without the fiber at any time change the composition or structure once the water is in the fiber attached to it, drying the garment is much faster than cotton towels.

Besides all these advantages, it brings us Microfiber peeling effect we get the best cleaning we rub skin with a light massage.